Tropical Lawyer is an immigration and business consulting firm in Costa Rica that provides individualized solutions for every single client which has maximized our success over the past few years.

Immigration is a tough process, we know it....our founding partner, Herman M. Duarte, has been an immigrant in Spain, Sweden and since 5 years ago in Costa Rica. We know all the ins and outs of what is required to get you legally set up and start a worry free life. 

There is no standard procedure when it comes to residency in Costa Rica and/ or setting up a business since every client is unique with a unique background. Learn more about our services and packages we offer.

Learn more about our services and packages we offer.



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Tropical Lawyer is a boutique immigration and business consulting firm that helps foreigners to legally move to Costa Rica.  

In addition we offer services for entrepeneurs, small, medium and large companies that operates anywhere in the world, which need advise in how to structure their line of products and services to have a higher sales; help them create high impact presentations and communicate better their line of products. 

The purpose of Tropical Lawyer is to empower people to move to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica and help their transition from a personal,business and legal perspective.  

Our vision is to become the number one choice for immigration and business consulting firm in Costa Rica. 

We  want to help you make your dreams come true.  

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Tropical lawyer is a spin off from my other arbitration and human rights boutique firm HDUARTE-LEX.Both companies have been founded by Herman M. Duarte, a salvadoran/swiss lawyer who moved to Costa Rica in the year 2012 to fulfill his dream of work and live in the tropics and in a much more inclusive society.

Herman was included in the 2017 Chambers & Partners Global Guide as a foreign expert in Costa Rica and has received numerous accolades, such as the ICAL ALUMNI Association “Outstanding Alumni Award”, as well as recognition as a leading "Promoter of Freedom of Expression" by Prensa Gráfica, the major newspaper in El Salvador. He is also part of the HIVE Global leaders community



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